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Adoption Resources Santa Fe provides pre-adoption counseling, adoption education workshops, adoption home studies, post placement services, all adoption related counseling, post adoption support services as well as referrals to other needed support. Adoption Resources Santa Fe is welcoming and affirming of all kinds of families and individuals regardless of ethnicity, religion, age, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, physical disability, or income.

Crisis Pregnancy or Parenting? : No cost, pressure free, supportive counseling and support are provided to parents who would like to explore the option of adoption as well as other options that may open to them.

Adoptive Parents: Ms. Lichen enjoys helping prospective adoptive parents understand and negotiate the sometimes bewildering world of adoption. Towards this purpose she provides necessary and helpful education that may be required.

Adoption Education: Ms. Lichen gives pre-adoptive parent seminars on the kinds of adoption, and education needed to make sound decisions for an inter-cultural adoption, a domestic and foreign adoption, of adoption of infants as well as older children from foster care.

Searching for Birth Family? Iíll be happy to provide you with supportive referrals.
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